This offering follows the ancestral lineage repair method created by Daniel Foor, PhD of Ancestral Medicine, and is led by Shauna Janz, MA.

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By coming into conscious and direct relationship with our deeply well ancestors, we connect with a source of guidance, support and love in our lives and contribute to the healing of inter-generational wounds and patterns. When we claim our ancestral gifts and inheritance, we deepen our belonging in the world, re-enliven our ancestral wisdom and practices, become clearer in our soul's purpose, and become a more wholesome force for personal, cultural and earth healing.

Many of us have not grown up within a tradition of active ancestral connection and tending, and this may be the case for many generations in our lineage due to historical events and disruptions (migrations, war, displacement, colonialism etc). Good news is that there are ways to reclaim this connection, to ensure our ancestors are deeply well, to fully inhabit the gifts of our lineages while healing the traumas, and to reconnect with our specific heritage and practices.

Through teaching, ritual, and guided trance/visioning, participants will assess the wellness of their ancestral lineages and connect with ancestral guidance.

Cost: $165 (this included the meal). Some sliding scale spots available – please inquire if needed.

The day will run from 10am-6pm, followed by a communal dinner.

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Spaces are limited - attendance confirmed upon receipt of email transfer.

We acknowledge this event is taking place on the xaʔxáʔ tumxʷulaʔxʷ or unceded, ancestral homelands of the Sinixt Nation, Ktunaxa (Kutenai) and Sylix Peoples. Folks whose ancestors are indigenous to this area are welcome to join this event by donation or gifting. We encourage people to become educated on the history of this land and to find ways to support contemporary Sinixt, Sylix and Ktunaxa people and organizations.

About Facilitator: Shauna Janz, MA, companions others in healing and wholeness through individual, family and community grief support and ritual, trauma-informed education and group process, and ancestral lineage healing. Her people are from present day Scotland, Ukraine, Poland, Germany and Sweden. Find out more: