Individual Counselling with Gabriel involves:

Deep Listening Wholeheartedness Straight Talk

Gabriel's focus and gift is creating a grounded, supportive space rich in compassion, awareness, safety and humour.  He invites clients to slow down while he listens wholeheartedly.  His body-centred approach works with the psychophysiology of how trauma presents itself in the body, nervous system, bone and muscle memory.  He offers art-making in session for clients wanting to explore the benefits of therapeutic creative expression.  

Gabriel works with children, youth, couples, families and adult individuals.  

Clinical experience: trauma, grief & loss, anxiety, autism spectrum disorder, relationship / attachment issues, end of life, depression, stress, PTSD, addiction, shame-shifting, men's health, men’s issues, rites of passage, dreamwork, the Work That Reconnects, ceremony and process-oriented group facilitation.